Gianluca Gambogi, Attorney at Law

Founder of the law firm, Coordinator, Criminal Law attorney.

Criminal law attorney in the Court of Florence, enrolled in the Bar Council of Florence since 17th February 1993.

Defender at the Supreme Court since 2005.

Adviser of the Bar Council of Florence since 2000 to 2014, reelected in 2015, previously Secretary in the biennium 2004/2005, previously Vice President during the period 2008/2011.

Member of Judicial Council of the Court of Appeal of Florence since 2008 to 2012 and since 2017 with a new nomination ordered by Forensic National Council on 24th February 2017.


Professor at Tax Police School of the Finance Guard, Rome-Lido di Ostia, since the school year 2002/2003 (since the school year 2013/2014 professor at the Upper Course as well).

Author of numerous articles on the matter of tax criminal law, commercial criminal law and forensic deontology, published on the following journals: “Le Società”, “Amministrazione e Finanza”, “Corriere Tributario”, “Giurisprudenza Tributaria”, “Diritto e Giustizia” (both on paper and in on line format) “Il nuovo diritto delle società”, “Rivista della Scuola Superiore dell’Economia e della Finanza”, “Impresa. Commerciale e Industriale”, “Il Fisco”, “Rivista Trimestrale di diritto penale e dell'economia”, “Rivista di diritto tributario”, “Guida Normativa on-line”, “Il Tributo” e “Il Penalista”.

  • “Assicurazione obbligatoria dell’avvocato” (“Compulsory insurance of the Attorney”)Giuffrè Editor, Milano, 2017;
  • “Diritto, storia e società a cent'anni dalla Grande Guerra" (“Law, history and society after one hundred years since the Great War”)Giuffrè Editor, Milano, 2016;
  • “La riforma dei reati tributari”  (“ The reform of tax crimes”), published in the editorial series “Le nuove leggi penali” (“The new criminal laws”), Giuffrè Editor, Milano, 2016, pagg. XXII-481 (wherewith all tax crimes have been commented both the new ones introduced by L.D. no. 158/15, and the unchanged ones of the L.D. no. 74/00);
  • “Riciclaggio e autoriciclaggio”  (“Money-laundering and self-money-laundering”), Giuffrè Editor, Milano, 2015;
  • La nuova deontologia forense e il procedimento disciplinare” (“The new forensic deontology and the disciplinary proceedings”), Giuffrè Editor, Milano, 2014;
  • Nuovi parametri forensi” (“The new forensic parameters”), Giuffrè Editor, Milano, 2014;
  • Riforma forense(“Forensic reform”), Giuffrè Editor, Milano, 2013;
  • Parcelle avvocati: i nuovi parametri” (“Attorneys’ fees: the new parameters”), Giuffrè Editor, Milano, 2012;
  • Conciliazione giudiziale” (“Judicial conciliation”), Giuffrè Editor, Milano, 2003, pages XII-240 (with which the criminal aspects of the tax sanction measure dating back to that period have been treated);
  • Profili attuali di diritto sportivo e nuova legge antidoping” (“Sports law current profiles and new anti-doping law”), Giuffrè Editor, Milano, 2002;

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